Our story

Behind Dear Waste are Miia and Annukka, like-minded sisters who have also collaborated as entrepreneurs for years.

Entrepreneurship in interior design and home decor industry made us pay attention to consumers’ buying behavior but also to overconsumption of natural resources. Worry about climate change and depletion of non-renewable sources made us think about our own business operations. Based on that a strong interest in creating something new and more meaningful was born.

It all began with a meeting in a juice bar!

One summer day we met in a Jungle Juice Bar in Helsinki centre. While we talked, we noticed that these small juice bars dispose a huge amount of biowaste on a daily basis, for instance citrus fruit peels. We contacted the management and found out that annually they throw away 700 tons of biowaste and it all goes to the waste treatment centers.

This made us think all the things we could do with this biowaste that is still full of good ingredients. This is how we got the idea of a fully new home cleaning product line, Dear Waste. We are very excited about the thought how consumers can easily take part in stopping climate change by using quality Finnish cleaning products of Dear Waste.

We began testing in our own kitchens and explored the world of biowaste. Now two years later we have beautiful biodegradable packagings full of valuable ingredients – good for you and the environment.